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Timing is Everything...

'I'm late'.  Two words which strike panic and annoyance into our consciousness in equal measures.  To this end it is not surprising that man has an array of timepieces about him - watches, clocks, mobile phones, radio alarms, stopwatches the list goes on and if there is one thing even more annoying than being late, it's having the 'incorrect' time on you.  Suddenly you go from being late to being too late.   If you missed the train this morning, slept through the alarm or simply lost track of time then you need a new clock or time piece to keep your interest and stop complacency setting in. If this happens to you too then read on - you need our help! Top tip's to kill tardiness...
  1. Change the radio station on your radio alarm at least three times a week.  If you are a heavy sleeper your brain needs to be woken by a noise that is unfamiliar - believe it or not Chris Evans' voice can become dreamlike - so mix things up and ensure one morning you are woken by classical music, the next heavy rock, the next rap music...alright rap might be taking it too far...but a change helps.
  2. Change the back light on your watch or oven clock.  The same principle applies here, if it looks slightly different your brain will pick up on it.
  3. Change your watch to you other wrist.
  4. Add a clock to your living room - as this is a den of procrastination adding a wall clock could help!
  5. Set your phone alarm to go off on the hour every hour
  6. Set your clocks and alarms five minutes early.
  7. Place a coffee order at your local coffee shop to collect every morning at a certain is a great motivator!
  8. Time is money - challenge yourself to be 5 minutes early every morning or pay a penalty fine. you will soon start changing your routine to save a few pounds.
Humans have governed their lives by time since...well...they first woke up.  Often referred to as the fourth dimension, time, and the existence of time, is a hotly debated subject by scientists, cosmologists, philosophers, metaphysicist's and students late for lectures. Whether or not we are correct in our academic thoughts about time bares no relevance to how time is viewed and if you are late, you are late.  No arguments. To avoid the black hole of tardiness there is a solution - those clocks, watches and timepieces of every description which we so rely on. And if after taking all these tips on board you are still running a life where time can not be tamed don't lose heart because according to Professor Brian Cox, we travel through time at the speed of light - so it's no wonder we are always late!

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