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Colour Carnival - Colour is big business...

Birds of Paradise have the right idea when it comes to attraction - just ask Tim Laman the winner of Wildlife Photographer of the Year Portfolio Award - he captured their brilliant blue hues, staggering red vibrancy and spellbinding riotous colours displayed in their courtship dances. The wonder and attraction of colour is an animal instinct that even humans can not resist and colour is a serious business - the right colour can win you custom, the wrong colour can turn custom away so how do you ensure your business (or home for that matter) attracts people through your doors? Blue seems to come out as the top colour preference for both men and women - with green a close second for men and purple a second choice for women.  This information was gathered through research carried out by the University of Maryland Sociologist Philip Cohen. backs up the colour preference of blue for both genders too, but for businesses knowing your audiences colour preference is not the only solution. Colours also depict mood and how we perceive a brand.  Although blue comes out as the top favourite colour don't go painting your shop bright blue just yet!  The shade and tint of blue can make a big difference.  When you think about it this is a minefield - but an interesting one to navigate. Further information from shows a study by Hallock confirms yellow, orange and brown are perceived as cheap or inexpressive colours whilst black, blue, purple and green live at the opposite end of the spectrum and achromatic colours (those with no hue such as grey, white and black) appeal mainly to men.  This is interesting as those thinking of designing their business or home in a neutral style should therefore avoid grey shades under this umbrella if trying to appeal to a cross section of society. Of course you can get too bogged down in the intricacies of colour research and data and there is no substitute for an eye catching colour such as red, bright magenta or azure blue - whether they are a favoured colours or not, they will turn heads so when designing your business or home decoration play it safe with colours that are either loved by the majority or showstoppers. Adding colour to neutral pallets is also a great idea and bringing colour into a room with ornamentation, cushions, lamps, sofas or linen works.  If you want help to get it right then Vintage Vibe are just the people for you. Take a look at their website.  

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